Synesthesia Project

The Synesthesia Project is the material illustration of my mental experience.  As a person with grapheme synesthesia, I have lifelong, specific color associations with letters and numbers.

The project consists of 18 works in oil and acrylic, completed in Woodbridge, Virginia, 2021.

It is my wish to explore synesthesia as a flavor of neurodiversity. Synesthesia is viewed with benevolence. It is often considered special or a gift. This is untrue for the vast majority of other neurodivergent conditions. I work with the intention to honor and further illuminate all types of neurodiversity, and question their appraisal of worth by society.

I hope to serve the greater good by pushing the discourse of neurodiversity, particularly as it pertains to fair and equal education.

I also enjoy discovering and dialoguing with the newly realized community of synesthetes. My two favorite synesthetes that I have encountered while doing this work include a person who has visual synesthesia for orgasms, and a sculptor who has tactile (3D form based) synesthesia for emotions.

This work matters during the present anthropocene era / humanitarian crisis, as it happens to be an era of unprecedented scientific knowledge and technological capability, For the first time since the “naming” of synesthesia in the 1990’s, synesthetes worldwide are connecting with each other, I believe, for the first time. Perhaps, we are reuniting.  I find it imperative that people’s unique gifts be appreciated for their difference from the norm — because of how deeply unsustainable the norm presently is.  

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