Quarantine Newsprints

The weekend of DC’s first quarantine lockdown was the weekend of my second group art show in the city. Within the month I made the painful decision to evacuate my 100sq ft art studio of four years in Takoma (DC Arts Studios). My determination to forge an art career, the money spent… It all felt like I was being forced to give up.

Caged in an over-crowded economy apartment, now featuring the additional furniture and supplies of my studio as well, I quickly began to yearn for and crave the ability to stretch my arms over my head and work beyond the scale of a tabletop. But, my home, my apartment had only ever been a creative space for writing in my journal, and it certainly was not a feasible space for oil painting.

The resulting collection of newsprints were created, usually in threes, on hands and knees, an area rug by our kitchenette and then taped to the walls of our foyer area for a week or so. They are mostly pastels but other mediums make appearances. They contain lists, symbols, and feelings of hope during the simultaneous chaos and stillness between April to August 2020.

At the end of August, we left the apartment and we left the city. The loss of my studio intensified my desire to “be” an artist, my determination to share art with the world, and the pressure to create “no matter what” deepened my resolve. Creating these messages brought me safety and brought me home.

The video below was originally intended for instagram but was not successfully published there because of the sick, sick beats I chose to play while I was going through the works, which belong to sony music and not to the world. I also recognize the resolution is low and you can’t read a lot of the text on the works. And, (one last disclaimer!) I am not a huge fan of my improvised commentary so feel free to watch it on mute. Or, if you’re a fan of the tunes, check out my curations on spotify.

These are all available for purchase for $15 per newsprint + shipping, so hit that screenshot or get in touch with me if you see something you like.

Video (<10 min):

Quarantine Newsprints
Recorded on December 30, 2020
Woodbridge VA

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