Plein Air

Plein Air

When I paint plein air, I feel a little bit like I did as a child in the dentist’s office waiting room, solving the Magic Eye puzzle books in the 90s by jamming my eyes up close to the page and focusing on everything and nothing at the same time.

But, there is a magic communion that also happens in a location, in energy, as well as artistic exhibitionism. performance art, and bravery. There is a lot that goes into that site and situation.

I want the viewer of the finished work to feel all of that, and escape their site, and their situation. even if the impression lasts for just a second.

I began painting outdoors in 2018 and don’t have any plans to stop, ever. I am open to location-based commissions.

Works found on this page are done in both oil and acrylic paint, and are titled below. Scroll through to see some scenery and finished works. Use the contact form for any inquiries, or email me at marellemushroom at gmail dot com.

Nansemond Tree, Suffolk VA, 2018 – Sold
Banana Bo-Tai, Myrtle Beach SC, 2019
Smoke Spot, Washington DC / Rosslyn VA, 2019 – Sold
Dupont Fountain, Washington DC, 2020
Carousel on National Mall, Washington DC, 2020
Cherry Trees on Tidal Basin, Washington DC, 2020

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