No Calendar This Year

First of all, thank you to the new blog followers! Since I am new to WordPress in general, it really tickles me to know that people would stumble on this website and want to subscribe to my updates. Thank you!

My, my, my…. Last Friday marked the time I began calendar sales for 2020, and I remember being so happy as orders began to roll in and I created a book of work from my years in the studio at DCAS. It was the first real showcase of my identity as an artist, my direction, my style, and so on. The experience, the sales, the publication itself was so important and validating. At the time, I would have never guessed the situation I’d be in today.

My little world has faced a lot of loss this year. I want to so badly jam a few photographs onto a website and call it a “calendar” – but the reality is I am not able to create a cohesive set of twelve (thirteen with the cover) works. This year, I have had irons in a lot of different fires. I am working with no functional studio space, and I am living during a pandemic. I have limited access to a vehicle. It is true that I have produced a handful of plein air works this year, but it is nowhere near enough to fill a calendar and not reuse some of the material from 2020’s print. I could, alternatively, throw in a mix of political art, inktober works, and the other treasures I have created this year – but that does not satisfy my pride or ego in the least.

I am applying to local things, here and there. My days are filled with considerations and possibilities. I want to travel, learn, and take bigger steps in bigger spaces. I want instruction and competition.

Here is a simple collage of works. It is a good way to look at what styles are emerging in my paintings, but it really is such a small fraction of what I have actually done. I guess this represents the “serious stuff.” Eyeroll! My soul is pushing in other directions, too, that are a little more fiesty than what you see in these pretty pictures.

Well, if no calendar, I guess I can always mail out some post cards. Or you can just save the picture and print your own.

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