Manifesto 2

Manifesto 2

Sept 2021
Marelle is investigating two creative veins. The first is an investigation inspired by feminism, goddesses, and video game characters. Reconciling her Catholic upbringing, Marelle has chosen to reject the patriarchal deities, and is searching throughout history and cultures for femme goddesses. They tend to make themselves known, especially on the internet. Plugged in long before Y2K, she recalls the gender-limited choices she had in Fairfax County, Virginia, in the 1990’s, selecting video and computer game characters. Disgruntled with the lack of proportional gender representation in gaming, she is not surprised to see the resulting patriarchal rape culture that exists among adult gamers. It also exists in the Catholic Church, as it wages war on abortion, the most important safeguard of the liberation of the physically fertile human being.

In 2021, Marelle looks to set the record straight with proportional focus on “non-male” deities. And although Marelle is a gender abolitionist at heart, she feels there is room to amp up the “female” construction. She describes this present body of work as having the aesthetic energy of religious prayer cards meets tarot deck meets Pokémon and X-Men trading cards, but with added shimmer. Marelle situates herself as a colonizer, examining and studying other cultures. Sensitive to this circumstance, she acknowledges a guilty pleasure in the ease she is able to research and drink in other cultures: rich in tech, and fluent in English.

The second pursuit is the Synesthesia Project. You can read about it here.

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