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Manifesto 2

Sept 2021ARTIST STATEMENT:Marelle is investigating two creative veins. The first is an investigation inspired by feminism, goddesses, and video game characters. Reconciling her Catholic upbringing, Marelle has chosen to reject the patriarchal deities, and is searching throughout history and cultures for femme goddesses. They tend to make themselves known, especially on the internet. Plugged inContinue reading “Manifesto 2”

Winter is Coming

I vow to only shoot my paintings in the dark with a cellphone flash




Painting feels orb-like. It is a soft act, impressionistic, ethereal, and offers glimpses into another realm. But collage is punchy, precise, clean and contemporary. In comparison to painting, it is my artistic battleaxe: capable of rapid journalistic exposition, commentary, or- as I am critical af- critique. It is fast and explosive creation – a “quickie.”Continue reading “Collage”

Shop Update June 2021

…is live! Since moving to Woodbridge, I have had a lot of time to spend moving and sitting with my artwork. I have hung my own work in bedrooms, dining rooms, and at the top of the stairs. I have let the works speak with each other and with me. They tell me where theyContinue reading “Shop Update June 2021”

Quarantine Newsprints

The weekend of DC’s first quarantine lockdown was the weekend of my second group art show in the city. Within the month I made the painful decision to evacuate my 100sq ft art studio of four years in Takoma (DC Arts Studios). My determination to forge an art career, the money spent… It all feltContinue reading “Quarantine Newsprints”


Slow growth! Here are four works I made in the last quarter of 2020. It’s a cloudy day and I just love having paintings side by side on display for photos. It really helps me view my own work in a constructive way. The largest one here is 18×24” and the smallest is 9×12” soContinue reading “Perseverance”

More than likely, my instagram has been updated more recently than this website.

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