Here pictured is my beloved studio space in DC Arts Studios, in Takoma, where I spent four years growing roots at a professional artist. The chapter ended with less fanfare than I had hoped.

The featured work is titled “Femme Flag,” and it is the result of a project that started with painting forty flowers. It is oil paint on unstretched, unprimed canvas, measuring 3×5 feet with a sewn golden fringe.

Now before you label me as a terf, let me speak further. I celebrate the divine feminine that exists inside all humans. Her genius, her might, her resilience, her gentle strength, her bounty is sorely needed.

It is time to call our banners.

Marelle 2020

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Quarantine Newsprints

The weekend of DC’s first quarantine lockdown was the weekend of my second group art show in the city. Within the month I made the painful decision to evacuate my 100sq ft art studio of four years in Takoma (DC Arts Studios). My determination to forge an art career, the money spent… It all felt … Continue reading Quarantine Newsprints


Slow growth! Here are four works I made in the last quarter of 2020. It’s a cloudy day and I just love having paintings side by side on display for photos. It really helps me view my own work in a constructive way. The largest one here is 18×24” and the smallest is 9×12” so … Continue reading Perseverance

No Calendar This Year

First of all, thank you to the new blog followers! Since I am new to WordPress in general, it really tickles me to know that people would stumble on this website and want to subscribe to my updates. Thank you! My, my, my…. Last Friday marked the time I began calendar sales for 2020, and … Continue reading No Calendar This Year

the Parisian Collages

The Parisian collages were made from photographs taken by my Uncle Tom in 2017 and cut outs from an unnamed French magazine, on top of legal size envelopes. They were my first major creative output after moving to Virginia in the fall of 2020 and leaving the studio, with the exception of newsprint sketches and … Continue reading the Parisian Collages


Dendrites & Dryads! What can I say, I really dig being among the trees. They are historians, ancestors, medicine, shelter, and so much more. But, they are in danger and my heart breaks as we continue to deforest and clear land even into 2020, while so many homes, buildings, and even cities sit vacant. Please … Continue reading Trees

Plein Air

When I paint plein air, I feel a little bit like I did as a child in the dentist’s office waiting room, solving the Magic Eye puzzle books in the 90s by jamming my eyes up close to the page and focusing on everything and nothing at the same time. But, there is a magic … Continue reading Plein Air

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