Painting feels orb-like. It is a soft act, impressionistic, ethereal, and offers glimpses into another realm. But collage is punchy, precise, clean and contemporary. In comparison to painting, it is my artistic battleaxe: capable of rapid journalistic exposition, commentary, or- as I am critical af- critique. It is fast and explosive creation – a “quickie.” I take much delight in collage. They also photograph deliciously (versus paintings, painfully).

Macho 2021
Sic Semper Tyrannis / I’m a Free Bitch, Baby
This is a collage of calendars. If you love me, buy me calendars or buy my calendar. Boris Vallejo / Julie Bell collage with a lovely Roma Vatican getting yeeted.
shown at Dc DaDa Art @ Rhizome DC
2020 / NFS
Another shot of Whores. Oil, magazine, earring. NFS
The Lotus Eaters / Meditations on Race

The Parisian Collages

[Story] I was engaged in Paris – my first time visiting there. The phone I had at the time was dropped in the Potomac river during rowing practice (I coached for a while). This was before ubiquitous file syncing- or at least before I did it anyway. The only photos I have were the ones I uploaded to Instagram. Luckily I upload a lot – but of course, still, 100s of photos were lost. The colors I feel are represented in the Parisian Collages.

These were the first artworks I made after moving from Washington, leaving the studio, etc, in the #shitshow that was 2020. I found the colors quite faithful to my uploaded Instagram images. The photographs used in the collage were taken by my uncle, who was present, with my aunt, at my engagement.

She Threw Her Entire Drink at Him
Photographs I took in Paris
Photographs I took in Paris
The Parisian Collages 2020 (on two backgrounds)
This is the 4th Parisian Collage

Wear a Helmet pt 1 and 2

The first collage I did likely in 2016 – apologies this is a screenshot. NFS
Wear a Helmet pt 2

Thank you for looking at these things I’ve made.

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